Jennifer Aniston Kisses Ellen DeGeneres, Says 'Friends' Cast Is 'Working on Something'

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The 'Morning Show' star has a little fun during her appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

Rachel Green may have claimed to kiss her sorority sister on Friends, but in real life, Jennifer Aniston says she doesn't often lock lips with ladies. During her Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 50-year-old actress is very curious about DeGeneres recently kissing their mutual friend, Howard Stern, on the daytime talk show. 

"Did you enjoy it? Were you nervous? Did you kind of get into it at all?" Aniston asks her pal. 

"Is this something that's going to turn you on? Why is this important to you?" DeGeneres shoots back as the audience laughs. 

After Aniston inquires how often the talk show host kisses men, DeGeneres then wants to know how often the Friends alum kisses women. "I don't kiss girls on the lips," the Morning Show star says, prompting DeGeneres to lean in for a sweet smooch. 

"You have such soft lips!" Aniston says of DeGeneres after their kiss.

"So do you, that's why I do what I do," she quips. 

"I get it!" Aniston replies. 

Later in the show, Aniston surprises fellow guest Charlie Puth, who is a big Friends fan and who recently spent time with Aniston's Friends co-stars, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Naturally, the topic of a reunion came up. 

"We would love for there to be something, but we don't know what that something is. We're working on something," Aniston says of her co-stars. 

"I can be involved. I'll do all the new music. Me and Ellen will sing the theme song," Puth offers. 

DeGeneres presses for details on a potential project, asking if it will be a movie.  "Huge, huge, huge movie," Aniston teases, before quickly adding, "No, we don't know."

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