Jennifer Aniston Recalls Visiting George and Amal Clooney in Italy With Adam Sandler

The 'Murder Mystery 2' star joined the Clooneys for pizza while filming in Italy.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have quite the friends circle. On Monday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the Murder Mystery 2 co-stars spoke about spending some time with George and Amal Clooney while filming in Italy.

When ask by Barrymore if it was true that they had pizza with the Clooneys, Sandler and Aniston raved about the moment.

"We did," Aniston exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, that was great," Sandler added about the outing. "That was amazing, they made pizza." 

As pictures of Aniston and Sandler getting off of a mini boat on the Clooneys' estate appeared onscreen, Aniston couldn't help but point out the Sandman's fashion statement.

"Look what he wore, I'm sorry," she quipped. "Those are satin, blue, dark blue with white pipping basketball shorts and a velour, turquoise [shirt]..."

Sandler added that the outfit choice was "a little warm." However, he was going for comfort. 

"Well.. when I eat pizza, I wear shorts, like everybody else in the damn world," he joked.

Aniston added that for a wrap gift, she decided to help Sandler's wife, Jackie Sandler, and get her co-star a wardrobe. Which he admits he wore ...once.

"I wore them in the house," he said. "Everything that you girls get me, I use. Both these girls get me amazing gifts throughout my entire career, and I use it at least once." 

Earlier this month, and ahead of the release of Murder Mystery 2, Aniston and Sandler sat down with ET for a segment called, "Spilling the ETea." During the hilarious back and forth, the pair dished about working with each other and their longtime bond.

Aniston kicked things off with a pointed question, asking, "The fans are so excited to see us together, what is the best part of being my on-screen partner? Why am I your favorite?"

"Wow!" Sandler exclaimed before giving a shoutout to another one of his frequent collaborators, Barrymore. "Drew is so angry."

He continued, "Well, you certainly have a way about making life fun on the set. You're caring. You care about how I'm doing. If I'm enjoying my life. If I'm healthy. You do things to make my beard smell better."

See the dynamic duo when Murder Mystery 2 airs March 31 on Netflix.