Jennifer Garner Flashes Back to Her 'Alias' Days With Birthday Tribute to Michael Vartan

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

The actress wished her former co-star and ex-boyfriend a happy 50th birthday on Tuesday.

Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn forever.

Jennifer Garner gave Alias fans a blast from the past on Tuesday, when she wished her former co-star, Michael Vartan, a happy 50th birthday on social media. The 46-year-old actress posted a black-and-white photo of herself as her former character, which she portrayed for five seasons from 2001 to 2006, alongside her CIA partner.

"Can you believe this baby face is 50?! Happy birthday, #MichaelVartan. #alwaysanALIASgirl #sydneyandvaughnforever," Garner wrote alongside the snap, which Alias fans were delighted to see. The two have maintained a good relationship, even after dating for a year between 2003 and 2004.

Garner, who has since returned to TV with the eight-episode HBO series Camping, told reporters in July that she was "looking forward to going back to TV."

"I love the familial feel on set. I love getting a new script. There’s nothing more fun in the middle of the second episode and getting the script for the third," Garner explained. "That’s just a super fun feeling. I wasn’t being offered things that I was saying no to.”

“Being a lead in a single lead, 22-episode [series], I don’t think I could do it anymore," Garner said, alluding to her run on Alias. "I don’t know how moms do that. Maybe. I tell you, another huge draw for me is that it shot in L.A.”

However, back in 2017, Vartan told ET that we would "absolutely" be down for an Alias reboot.

"I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat if it were to happen," the actor revealed, adding, "They better hurry up because I don't know if I can run down those hallways like I used to."

"Alias remains one of my favorite memories of all time," Vartan fondly recalled of being on the show. "When you work with people, especially people who are so incredible... you really become a family."

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