Jennifer Garner Offers Encouragement to Fan Who Recently Split From Her Husband

Jennifer Garner
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The actress says she hopes there are 'powerful women' in the fan's corner during this time.

Jennifer Garner continues to prove that she's the sweetest! The 48-year-old actress and mother of three posted a series of funny quarantine photos of herself on Instagram, which featured her in a variety of silly looks -- floating in the pool in a wetsuit, wearing a giant fur hat, dressing like a colonial woman, fully masked, and more. But it was the comments section that drew fans' attention. 

One follower took to the comments section of Garner's post to express some of her recent struggles. 

"I wish I had your happiness and feeling of security," the woman began. "And I don’t say that resentfully because you present yourself as a good and kind person. Your actions show you to be good and kind." 

The fan went on to tell Garner that she had "finally gotten the courage to tell my husband to leave after years of emotional abuse and I feel like I will never find happiness or security." 

She added that seeing Garner's own joy helps her, but went on to say "I don't think I'll ever be there." The woman concluded her comment, writing, "Why am I saying this to a stranger? I really don’t know."

Garner directly replied to her fan, writing, "Your heart sounds heavy, I am so sorry. Hopefully you have powerful women in your corner, reminding you of your strength and your worth. Hopefully, you are able to calm your mind and heart with prayer/meditation/exercise/art. Laughter will come and really--it is worth fighting for. Until then, all of my love." 

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Garner divorced Ben Affleck, her husband of 13 years and the father of her three children, in 2018. The exes have been candid about their split. 

"I never thought that I was gonna get divorced. I didn't want to get divorced. I didn't want to be a divorced person. I really didn't want to be a split family with my children," Affleck said while getting choked up during a February Good Morning America interview. "And it upset me because it meant I wasn't who I thought I was. And that was so painful and so disappointing in myself."

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