Jennifer Garner's Pet Chicken Gonnyi Dies After She Documents Trip to the Animal Hospital

Jennifer Garner at forbes event on june18
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Jennifer Garner is saying goodbye to her beloved chicken Gonnyi.

On Thursday, the 47-year-old actress shared a short video of herself on Instagram taking Gonnyi to the animal hospital after noticing something was very wrong with her chicken.

"I've got to get Gonnyi to the hospital, quick," she says. "I've never been a chicken, but I know this isn't right. Part of her insides are coming out in the wrong way. This is not what the Lord had in mind for this chicken."

She then turns to the chicken in the backseat, crooning, "I'm sorry, sweetie. It's a rough day."

Garner still had a sense of humor though, apologizing to Gonnyi for laughing and pointing out the vet techs were eating Chick-fil-A. But unfortunately, Gonnyi didn't make it.

"Gonnyi suffered a prolapsed rectum and another undetermined mass in her nether regions," the video notes at the end. "She will be dearly missed but is resting peacefully."

Garner noted that Gonnyi lived a good life.

"RIP Gonnyi ♥️," she wrote in the caption for the video. "Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet Olive Egger, Gonnyi. Thanks to my daughter’s consistent loving care, this chicken lived a very good life. ♥️ #soyouthinkyoucanfarm??‍? #butyoustillneedavet??‍⚕️ #prolapsedrectum??‍♀️?? #RIPGonnyi??♥️ ."

Garner has showed off her beloved chickens before, even presenting them with a bug cake when they turned one last July. Last April, she also said goodbye to her chicken she named Regina George, who she said died of natural causes.

Meanwhile, in May, the mom of three gave a great commencement speech at Denison University in Ohio, sharing a few great life tips. Watch the video below for more:


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