Jennifer Lopez Drops 'On My Way' Music Video for Single From Her Upcoming Film 'Marry Me'

The singer said the 'song means so much for me in more ways than you will ever know.'

Jennifer Lopez is tugging at the heart strings again, this time with her "On My Way" music video.

Lopez on Thursday night dropped the video to her single from her upcoming rom-com Marry Me, starring Owen Wilson and GRAMMY-nominated superstar Maluma. After the video dropped, Lopez took to Instagram to inform her millions of fans about it, saying, "I'm so happy you're all loving the song and I hope you love the video as much as I do."

She also expressed the song's significance. She wrote, "This song means so much to me…in more ways than you will ever know. It's about faith and believing in every step of your journey ... and it makes me so happy that it is touching all of your hearts too!!" Some of her hashtags included #NoMistakesOnlyLessons and #BelieveInYourJourney.

The music video is directed by Santiago Salviche. If the name sounds familiar it's because he's worked with some of music's biggest stars. In addition to reuniting with Lopez for "On My Way," Salviche has also worked with Mariah Carey, Thalia and Marc Anthony, among others.

J.Lo looks stunning throughout the music video. She's seen wearing an elegant dress by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and a suit by Pierre Balmain, as well as a Versace jumpsuit.

Marry Me suffered a number of pandemic-related delays but the film's finally slated to be released on Valentine's Day. J.Lo portrays superstar Katalina "Kat" Valdez, who is engaged to her equally successful fiancé Bastian, played by the Colombian superstar. Owen plays a math teacher whom Kat randomly picks to marry after she spots him in the crowd at her concert while holding a "Marry Me" sign. Kat's dilemma's sparked by Bastian having an affair.

In the real world, J.Lo's love life couldn't look more like a fairytale come to life. A source told ET that Lopez and Ben Affleck are "planning on spending Christmas together and are wanting to make it as special as possible for the kids."