Jennifer Lopez Falls For Pete Davidson, Breaks Alex Rodriguez's Heart in Hilarious 'SNL' Sketch

In the latest installment of Davidson's recurring 'Chad' sketch, the idiot manages to accidentally woo J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and got a little support from fiance Alex Rodriguez -- before breaking his heart. (In a sketch, that is.)

In a pre-recorded sketch, Lopez plays herself, rehearsing in an empty theater, when she's interrupted by a clumsy PA, who turns out to be Pete Davidson's recurring character, Chad.

For the uninitiated, the point of every Chad sketch is that Davidson's idiotic stoner bro basically just says "OK" to every question, and is generally apathetic and juvenile in every way. And, as is usually in Chad sketches, this makes women around him fall head-over-heels in love.

This time around, the formula is switched up a bit by Lopez playing herself, which makes the surrealism of the flirtation so much funnier.

As Chad continues to do nothing but act stupid, the singer falls harder and harder for him, despite being conflicted over her relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

It isn't long before Rodriguez himself makes a cameo, surprising Lopez with a bouquet of white roses, but discovers her in the arms of Chad, slow dancing. Her attempts to explain it all away fail, and Rodriguez, with tears in his eyes, throws the flowers to the ground and walks off.

It's one of the funniest Chad sketches Davidson has created thus far, and was brought to life by Lopez's deft comedic timing, and Rodriguez's surprisingly emotive cameo.

ET spoke with Lopez earlier this week, and the singer said that there weren't any plans on having Rodriguez stop by for a sketch.

"There was no talk of that," Lopez said with a laugh. "Not yet." Clearly, things came together to make the hilarious moment a reality. Check out the video below to hear more.

SNL airs live, coast-to-coast, at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT, Saturdays on NBC.