Jennifer Lopez Jokingly Reveals the One Thing Alex Rodriguez Could Do to End Their Relationship

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A-Rod better not challenge J.Lo if he wants J-Rod to last!

Jennifer Lopez opened up about her competitive streak and how it affects her relationship with boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I’m so competitive [in] every way. I don’t know, something inside me, I’m competitive. When we work out I think, ‘I can beat you,’” she said of her athlete beau. “We never challenge each other side-by-side. Like, if we go to UCLA, and we’re doing the stairs or something, in my mind, I’m like, ‘I’m killing it.’”

But Lopez, 48, noted that Rodriguez, 42, is careful not to participate in her competitions.

“Here’s the thing, he just doesn’t even entertain my delusions,” she explained. “Like, I’ll say, ‘Babe, I feel like I could beat you.’ And he’s like [straight-faced].”

Kimmel pointed out that Rodriguez was making a smart move in ignoring her challenges, which the “Dinero” singer agreed with.

“There’s no winning that because if he beats me, it’s over!” she quipped, laughing.

Jokes aside, the couple, who have been publicly dating for more than a year, are stronger than ever. Lopez opened up about attending the games her man commentates.  

“I like going! He comes to all my shows in Vegas,” she said. “You know what I do? I get the little feed in my ear so I can hear him calling the game.”

“Wow, you guys really are in love!” Kimmel exclaimed, which prompted a laugh from the singer.

“We are!” she agreed.

J.Lo recently got competitive with both Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. Watch the exclusive clip below to see her dance battle challenge:


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