'Jeopardy' Fans Are Loving Alex Trebek's New Beard

Alex Trebek
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for TCM

See how fans are responding to the beloved TV personality's new facial hair!

Jeopardy’s instantly recognizable host Alex Trebek has decided to switch things up for the 35th anniversary season of the trivia show — by growing a beard!

The 78-year-old TV personality first debuted his new, white whiskers in a special promotional video teasing everything the show has lined up to honor the long-running program. However, Trebek’s beard quickly stole the show, leading to a heated debate among fans. So, when the show premiered on Monday, Trebek had a proposition for fans.

“Welcome to Jeopardy as we begin 35th season. No need to inquire how I spent my summer vacation,” the newly bearded host began. “Because so many of you people asked about it, I decided to regrow my mustache but as you can see, things got a little out of hand. These hairs kept attracting friends. Whether I keep it or not depends on you. So go to our Jeopardy Facebook or Instagram pages and let us know how you feel.”

Unsurprisingly, Trebek was soon bombarded with fans loudly endorsing the look. “I’ll take Trebek with a beard for $500 Alex,” one fan wrote. “Beard on Alex, beard on,” another wrote.

Trebek isn’t the only TV personality who's embracing a new look this season. Instead of merely growing a rich mustache, Steve Harvey also decided to grow out his beard, adding some salt-and-pepper sophistication to his well-suited look.

"Last year was the first time I had a summer off, so I didn't shave. I grew a beard out," he told ET’s Kevin Frazier recently. "But last year there wasn't enough gray in the mustache yet. It looked like I had stuff in it. So I had to wait another year."

"This year, when I didn't color it, it was a lot more gray, so I'm flipping the script," he added. "I'm gonna see how the beard game go. I'm gonna just do something different. I'm gonna stay fly till I die."

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