Steve Harvey Is Embracing His New Gray Facial Hair -- See the Salt-and-Pepper Look! (Exclusive)

The talk show host has ditched the mustache for a whole new look.

Steve Harvey has done away with his thick, iconic mustache in favor of a full salt-and-pepper beard.

The TV personality recently spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier about his well-groomed facial hair, and admitted that he felt like it was time to shake things up with his personal appearance as he kicks off a new season of his daytime talk show, Steve.

"This year we launched a new season so every now and then I reinvent myself," the 61-year-old host and comedian explained.

Reflecting on his looks from the past, Harvey said his mustache had been a stalwart companion for years, but wasn't as prominent until he lost his hair.

"When I was 49, about to turn 50, I went bald," Harvey recalled. "I always had a mustache, you just didn't know I had one 'cause I had hair too."

Harvey also admitted that this isn't the first time he sported a beard. In fact, he tried it last year, but wasn't quite ready.

"Last year was the first time I had a summer off, so I didn't shave. I grew a beard out," he shared. "But last year there wasn't enough gray in the mustache yet. It looked like I had stuff in it. So I had to wait another year."

Harvey said he "wasn't confident" enough to pull it off the way he wanted, but things were looking much better after his seven-week vacation.

"This year, when I didn't color it, it was a lot more gray, so I'm flipping the script," he mused. "I'm gonna see how the beard game go. I'm gonna just do something different. I'm gonna stay fly till I die."

However, he confessed that whether he keeps the beard isn't solely up to him.

"I might keep it, I might not, I don't know, man. It's really up to the wife," Harvey said, referring to his wife of seven years, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. "The woman you sleepin' with determines what you do."

Harvey also opened up to ET about his insanely busy schedule -- which includes his talk show, hosting Celebrity Family Feud, and serving as host and producer on Little Big Shots.

"I get the same 24 hours that everybody else get. God don't give no more hours, but I pack 'em in, man," Harvey explained. "I care about every minute of the day. You'll be successful if you get control of your time."

"If you take every minute of the day and monitor every single minute of the day, you'd be stunned at what you can accomplish," he added. "But you gotta cut the BS out of your life. You can't be at the club every time it open, you can't make all the happy hours."

Harvey's new season of Steve premieres Sept. 4 on NBC.