'Jeopardy!' Fans Can't Stop Talking About This Major Show Flub

The moment happened during the quiz show's March 8 broadcast.

What is... a massive spoiler? Jeopardy! upset viewers during the March 8 broadcast when the show accidentally revealed the final scores of the three contestants at the beginning of the High School Reunion Tournament.

In a clip circulating online, host Mayim Bialik congratulates students Justin Bolsen, Maya Wright, and Jackson Jones on making it to the tournament's finals. But when the camera cut to the students, their final dollar amounts are clearly shown with Jackson receiving the top spot with $24,000, Maya landing the bottom spot with $3,370, and Justin coming in second with $13,570.

Later in the episode, the contestants' final dollar amounts are shown, proving that the flub at the start of the episode really reflected their final tallies in the broadcast.

The gaffe led some viewers to question whether they'd missed a day of the tournament and others to call out the on-air mistake.

Luckily, this didn't spoil the final scores of the tournament, which finished on March 9. Justin was named the winner, receiving the $100,000 prize and a spot in the Tournament of Champions.

In April 2022, Bialik spoke to ET about the daily pressures she faces hosting Jeopardy!

"I’m part of an also, like, an iconic thing that people have a lot of opinions about," she said. "Every detail, they're very invested."