Jesse McCartney Drops Acoustic Version of His Song 'Wasted' -- Listen!

Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney

He initially released the song back in September.

Jesse McCartney’s still got it! 

On Thursday, the 31-year-old pop singer dropped an acoustic version of his track, "Wasted." The new take on the song comes after its initial release back in September.

With a guitar strumming instead of high-pitched whistles blowing, the acoustic track provides deeper emotion to what was previously a jaunty, dance-inducing song. McCartney’s vocals are as smooth as ever as he pleads for more than a hookup with his love interest.

“I wait for the day you tell me / You'll see me in the afternoon / Don't get me wrong / I love our late-night evenings / But that ain't all I want from you,” he croons.

“Wasted” is McCartney’s second new song -- he also dropped “Better With You” in March -- since releasing his album, In Technicolor, back in 2014. Following his nearly four-year hiatus, McCartney's jumping right back into music with a tour that’ll kick off in 2019.

The Resolution US Tour will begin in Dallas, Texas, on Jan. 11 and run through Feb. 13, when it’ll close out in Seattle, Washington.

Watch the video below for more new music: