Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants This Role at 'Modern Family' Co-Star Sarah Hyland's Wedding (Exclusive)

The actor can't wait for Hyland to marry Wells Adams.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is ready to be there for his Modern Family co-star, Sarah Hyland, as she reaches her next milestone. 

ET recently spoke with the actor on the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, where he opened up about Hyland's engagement to Wells Adams -- and offered to officiate their wedding. 

"Wells is an upstanding, wonderful, hilarious, loving human, and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter guy to be with Sarah, who I adore," Ferguson raved. "It's one of those full-circle moments. I met her when she was so young, and now she's getting married and they are an extension of my family." 

"It feels like a family member is moving on, in a way that family members do, and I'm very happy for her," he continued. "All I know is that I better be invited to the wedding."

"I would totally officiate," he added. "Why not?" 

Seeing the Modern Family kids grow up has made the ending of the sitcom even more emotional. The show's 11th and final season will debut this fall. 

"This final season has been wildly emotional already. I think everything we do is the last time that we're going to do that. We just had our last first table read of the season, and just closing a script on that, you know, was emotional," Ferguson recalled. "We celebrated Rico Rodriguez's 21st birthday on the same day. We're celebrating these huge milestones; when we met him, he was a child! Now he has a car and a home, and he's celebrating his 21st birthday. So it's just been very... very emotional."

"I haven’t dealt with the reality of having to say goodbye to Modern Family yet. I think we're all in deep, deep denial," he confessed. "We're just pushing the emotions down. It’s gonna be really hard."

Amid speculation about spinoffs, Ferguson has scored himself a new gig hosting Extreme Makeover Home Edition. "I was five minutes late to the table read yesterday and Sofia [Vergara] asked everyone if it was because of my new job," he cracked. "I'm burning the candles at both ends but they're all really excited for me."

The HGTV series will debut in 2020 and feature a few noteworthy cameos. "We have a few people -- HGTV celebrities, designers from other HGTV shows," Ferguson teased. "I certainly would love to invite any of my Modern Family cast if they want to come and help out."

It's been a busy time for Ferguson, who made a cameo of his own in Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video, alongside his husband, Justin Mikita. 

"It was a thrill to get asked to do that. She called us and asked, Justin and I, if we would be a part of it and we hadn’t heard the song, we didn’t know what it was about. All we knew was that we'd be getting married in the video, and you know, we're in it for two and a half seconds, but they’re two and a half thrilling seconds of my life," he shared. 

As for what Swift thinks of Ferguson's recent rendition of the song, he said he hasn't asked her. 

"I haven’t spoken to Taylor since recording that. The internet is a crazy thing, I feel like she might have seen it. I might be seeing her next weekend, so I’ll ask her if she’s looked at it," he said. 

See more on Ferguson in the video below. 


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