Jessica Chastain Says Ron Howard Once Confused Her with His Daughter Bryce Dallas Howard

Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard
Sonia Recchia/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Classics

The actress also discussed finally meeting Bryce Dallas Howard and comparing their looks!

It turns out one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses often gets mistaken for another.

In a new video interview, Jessica Chastain revealed the one other actress who she most often gets confused with -- Bryce Dallas Howard. In fact, she admits she’s even gotten mixed up herself.

"Before my career took off, I remember one time being on the subway and I was looking at a magazine and there was a picture of her, like a small picture, and I was like 'What am I doing in this magazine?' I actually had that thought," she told Dark Phoenix co-star Sophie Turner, via the Associated Press.

And, it turns out, she managed to fool Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard’s own father as well!

"Another time I was at the Apple store and Ron Howard was there," she shares. "And I was walking by and I was like, 'That’s Ron Howard' and then my friend was with me [and] he said he turned to someone and said 'I think I just saw Bryce.' We look so much alike."

The 42-year-old went on to explain that when she and Bryce were both cast in 2011’s The Help, her co-star admitted that she had been mistaken for Chastain.

"When we finally got to film The Help, the first time we met, we went to the table read and looked at each other, because we both get it all the time, and we grabbed each other’s hands and we said, 'Let’s go to the mirror.' And we went to the mirror and we looked at each other… and we were like, 'Yeah, we look exactly alike,'" she explained.

However, Chastain made it clear that she definitely doesn’t mind all the comparisons, stating, “Listen, she’s like talk and her nose is more defined. There are little things about us that are different, but we definitely look like kin. …I see it as a compliment. I think she’s fabulous.”