Jessica Simpson Says She 'Freaked Out' About Turning 40

The entrepreneur also touched on how it's been almost three years since she stopped drinking and how 'awesome' it is.

Jessica Simpson admits that turning 40 was not easy for her. The singer-turned-entrepreneur revealed that she "freaked out" about hitting the major birthday milestone, detailing in an interview with SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show how hard it was to come to terms with the age.

"I freaked out two months before I turned 40, not knowing that that age would even mean anything to me, but then it's, like, 41, 42," Simpson shared. "I’ve never calculated my age until now…. I am accepting it slowly [laughs]."

"I just think I am such a person that reminisces. I hold on to so many memories. I am tragically romantic like that about my own self," she continued. "Thank God I put a memoir out at 40 because if not, it would have been 800 pages if I waited any longer."

Simpson turned 40 on July 10, and marked the occasion by sharing a photo of herself fitting into a pair of 14-year-old True Religion jeans she had in her closet.

"That was a really random thing," she told Cagle and co-host Julia Cunningham about the photo. "Because I haven’t put jeans on through the whole time, I've been in sweats. I am, like, embracing the quarantine life."

Earlier this year, Simpson gave people an inside look at her life, battles with alcoholism, struggles and more in her memoir, Open Book. While talking with Cagle and Cunningham, the mother of three said the response to her book has been "overwhelmingly shocking."

She said that so many people have told her that it's been a "life-changing read."

Simpson also touched on how it's been almost three years since she stopped drinking. "It's awesome. People are like, ‘Don’t you want to drink during this pandemic? Oh my god, aren’t your kids driving you crazy?’ I’m like, no, I do not want to drink," she shared. "I have not wanted it. I feel like that’s a big blessing. Once I surrendered and gave it over, I never looked back and my husband did it with me, so that support was amazing."

ET spoke with Simpson ahead of her book's release in February, where she got candid about her past loves, weight, struggles and more. Watch the interview below.