Jessie J Announces She's Taking a Break From Social Media Following Death of Her Bodyguard

Jessie J
Gus Stewart/Redferns

After the tragic death of her bodyguard, Jessie J has decided to step back from social media.

The “Not My Ex” singer broke the news in a heartfelt post on Twitter Thursday morning, explaining that she wants to focus on what really matters to her as 2019 begins.

“Starting my new year with some unexpected heavy stuff has only made me want to be more present in my life,” she began. “Spending more time with people I love and some time with myself. When sadness hits it’s important we embrace it, so it doesn’t define us and it’s for sure surfaced some emotions and things I need to work on with all my attention and love.”

“I have to practice on myself what I talk about [on] stage and in my music too. In a good way,” she continued. “So I am taking a solid break from social media for a while. Not forever but a while… Want to live in the moment as much as I can, and not through my phone. I love you all. Happy new year. The year of living the best life for you.”

This surprising announcement came just four days after Jessie revealed that Dave, her close friend and personal bodyguard, had died. Along with a long, touching message to her friend, she also posted a video and several photos of the pair bonding during her tours and public appearances.

“We talked about our dreams. We talked about what our biggest fears were. You weren’t just my security, we ARE family. 4 years. Me and you,” she wrote, later adding, “When I was terrified on that flight from Dubai to London because of the turbulence and you held my hand for 8 hours. I will never forget that. When we would go shopping and try on silly hats and glasses. When you would carry me to stage because my shoes wouldn’t make it through the mud. The way we laughed. I keep going back to that. We had so much fun Dave.”

"I love you so much," she concluded. "We were supposed to meet for hot chocolate next week. I miss you. I will see you on the other side one day. Rest easy Dave / give your Dad a hug from me." 

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