Jimmie Allen's 1-Month-Old Daughter Rushed to the Hospital After She Stopped Breathing

Jimmie Allen
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The country singer's 1-month-old daughter 'lost color,' he said.

Jimmie Allen's daughter was rushed to the hospital. One day after the 36-year-old country singer's wife, Alexis, took to her Instagram Story to reveal that both of their kids were sick, the pair's youngest child stopped breathing and needed emergency medical care.

Jimmie and Alexis, who tied the knot last year, share Zara, 1 month, and Naomi, 1. Jimmie is also dad to a 7-year-old son, Aadyn, from a previous relationship.

"Attention Doctors, if the parent of your one-month-old patient tells you the child [is] having a hard time breathing and the only thing your lazy self wants to do is check her heart rate and temperature [and] send them home, find another career," Jimmie wrote on his Instagram Story, clearly angry at lack of attention his daughter received by the medical staff. "Your job is to save lives so do it."

"Now thanks to the lazy doctors at a hospital in TN that just sent our daughter home, our daughter Zara lost color, stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital," he added. "Thanks to the amazing EMT team that brought back Zara's color. She can breath [sic] again. Gonna be a rough night."

Instagram / Jimmie Allen

Following Jimmie's post, Alexis shared an update on their daughter's condition on her Instagram Story.

"The hardest days of my life," Alexis wrote alongside a photo of a hospitalized Zara holding her finger. "She is stable but still needing oxygen and suctioning frequently."

"We will give you an update once Z is healthy and heading home with us," she added. "Thank you so much for all of your kind words and prayers it truly means the world to our family."

Instagram / Alexis Allen

One day before Zara was rushed to the hospital, Alexis, who's a registered nurse, blasted doctors for not taking her daughter's yet-to-be-disclosed condition seriously.

"Turned away by hospital yesterday AM Ambulance at 2 a.m.," Alexis wrote on her Story. "Basically if your child isn't blue at the lips they will not have answers for you. That's been my last 24 hours."

"Not one doctor has taken the time to actually listen and make sure she's really OK --10 min in and outs," she continued. "What this nurse mama is seeing/hearing is so frightening."