Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy Juvonen Reminisce on Planning Their Wedding in Just 2 Weeks

Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy Juvonen on 'The Tonight Show'
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Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen are completely adorable reminiscing about their unconventional wedding ceremony.

Fallon and Juvonen took a stroll around their neighborhood and answered questions submitted by viewers in a segment on Tuesday's The Tonight Show: Home Edition, and one fan asked what their wedding was like.

As it turns out, their wedding, which took place on Dec. 22, 2007, was a real whirlwind of surprises that they still remember with glee.

As Juvonen recalled, she was busy producing He's Just Not That Into You, and Fallon was busy kicking off a project, all while the two were trying to plan their wedding, which they originally wanted to have in the summer.

"We kept trying to talk to these wedding people, and they wanted to talk about napkins and all these things we just could not have cared about less, really, on any level," Juvonen recalled.

So, considering a possible destination wedding, Fallon went to talk with his travel agent, who asked where his dream wedding location would be.

"I go, 'The dream is easily Richard Branson's Necker Island,'" Fallon explained, referring to the private island owned by the billionaire. However, Branson only rents the island out for two weeks at a time, and that was quite a bit out of their price range.

But then, around Thanksgiving, Fallon's travel agent calls him back with some big news -- Branson's daughter was having her baby, which was his first grandchild, and he wanted to spend the holiday with her, leaving Necker Island empty.

"He goes, 'Richard is a fan, he likes you, so he'll rent you the island for [three] days,'" Fallon explained, adding that they were able to book the island for Dec. 21-23.

"So Jimmy goes, 'What if we got married in three weeks? Instead of next summer?'" Juvonen said. "And I'm like 'This is the best of all human time!'"

"So, we had 12 people at our wedding," she continued. "I got the dress done as fast as I could."

"There are some aunts that don't talk to us to this day," Fallon joked, adding that the entire wedding included them, their siblings, parents and best friends. "And man, we had a rager time. It was so much fun. We just had the best time."

So, Fallon and Juvonen "bid adieu" to their family on the 24th, but were invited to stay through Christmas and Boxing Day, with the island staff.

"They said, 'As long as you take care of yourself. We're not cleaning, we're not doing anything. We're not treating you like guests, we're treating you like your staff,'" Fallon said. "So we did dishes with them, had dinner with them."

"Hands down one of the best days and nights of my life," he added.

"It was the best wedding I've ever had," Juvonen added with a grin and a laugh. The couple went on to welcome two little girls -- Winnie, 6 and Frances, 5 -- and have become one of the cutest families of late night TV.

Check out the video below for more fun Fallon family moments from his time shooting The Tonight Show from home.


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