Jimmy Fallon Vomits With Ryan Reynolds in Disgusting Drinking Game: Watch

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Turns out gin doesn’t exactly go well with everything.

Ryan Reynolds visited Monday’s Tonight Show to promote his gin company, Aviation Gin, and, of course, it couldn’t be a simple promotion. Instead, the Deadpool 2 star played a game of “Drinko” with host Jimmy Fallon, where they combined the gin with a variety of disgusting mixers, including blood, horseradish, bone broth, clam juice and bacon, egg, and cheese.

Reynolds went first, declaring, “I have such a weak stomach, I’m not kidding.” He landed on Twinkies and grape juice, noting, “That’s like 90 percent of my child’s diet.”

Naming the drink the “Ruth Bader Gin-sberg,” Reynolds later noted, “I would rather drink spinal fluid than that.”

When Fallon had to mix Twinkies and horseradish, the concoction prompted him to vomit into a bucket. Reynolds picked up the bucket to remove it, and said, “Look at that, you barfed up your whole childhood.”

For the final round, Reynolds decided to get adventurous, putting a variety of the most disgusting mixers in one glass. 

Later in the show, the 41-year-old actor jokingly opened up about what prompted him to buy the gin company.

“Eleven years ago I remember reading a Deadpool comic and feeling like, ‘This is a once in a lifetime connection,’” he began. “And then a few years later I met my wife and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess a once in a lifetime connection can happen twice,’ and then we had our children. That’s when I realized I love gin. I went deep with the passion, and that’s when I bought Aviation Gin.”

Reynolds is currently in the middle of a faux feud with his wife Blake Lively’s co-star, Anna Kendrick. Watch the clip below for more:


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