Jimmy Kimmel Shares How Daughter Jane's 4th Birthday Party Went Very Wrong

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Jimmy Kimmel's birthday party for his 4-year-old daughter, Jane, went extremely well -- except when it came to the pinata.

The 50-year-old late-night host talked about Jane's party over the weekend during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, which of course, included a pinata. Kimmel shared that the pinata was Paw Patrol-themed -- his daughter's favorite show -- but it didn't exactly come out great.

"It was a terrible pinata, it wasn't even shaped like anything, just a rectangle with four dogs on it, one of which was Chase -- that's her favorite dog, Chase," he explains.

Kimmel says the pinata took forever to crack, due to parents trying to protect other kids from the swinging bat.

"Finally, they crack this thing open, and the candy comes out, and they all dive in and fight each other for it," he recalls. "It's horrible. It's like Black Friday for kids."

But later, Jane was actually saddened by the pinata of Chase being smashed.

"My wife notices Jane staring at what remains of this pinata that has been assaulted and beaten to a pulp by dozens of crazed, stick-wielding children ... and Jane looks at it, and says to no one in particular, 'I can't believe we beat up Chase.' And then she goes -- and I don't know where she got this -- but she goes, 'Look at these guys, they never saw it coming.'"

ET spoke with Kimmel and Jane last July at Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw's Fifth Annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose Celebrity Tournament, where Jane adorably stole the show. Watch below:


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