Jimmy Kimmel's 5-Year-Old Daughter Jane Does His Makeup for Late Night -- Watch!

Jimmy Kimmel
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Plus, his hilarious video chat with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a must-see!

Jimmy Kimmel debuted a major quarantine glow-up during Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The late-night host appeared on the at-home edition of his show in full makeup, a necklace and bow headband, all thanks to his 5-year-old daughter, Jane, who gave him a glam makeover.

"The reason I look like a My Little Pony bunny or something is that today, in case you aren't aware, was supposed to be Take Your Kid to Work Day, which [is] kind of every day for a lot of us now," he explained. "Who knew my color palette was Jolly Rancher?"

If that wasn't epic enough, Kimmel also invited Arnold Schwarzenegger as a virtual guest on the show, who appeared on video with his farmland friends... a miniature horse and donkey named Whiskey and Lulu, respectively.

"They roam around the house. They go upstairs, they go downstairs. They’re all over the place," the former California governor shared. "They watch me when I work out and everything like that. It’s really fantastic."

"My favorite dessert is oatmeal cookies," he added. "And of course, they take all my oatmeal cookies away."

On a more serious note, Schwarzenegger also discussed the coronavirus pandemic. He spoke about the preparation decisions he made (like stockpiling masks and ventilators for California) during his term as governor, in case an outbreak like COVID-19 ever happened.

“It takes a certain amount of time and a certain amount of money to put this whole thing together and you have to be very thoughtful and know exactly what you want to go and put together," he said. "So we did it, and then it took about $5 billion to keep it up, to keep the storage and to keep it updated and everything."

Hear more in the video below.