Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual 'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy' Goof Is More Tricks Than Treats

Jimmy Kimmel
Presley Ann/Getty Images

See kids' reactions to the practical joke.

Jimmy Kimmel really knows how to ruin Halloween -- if only momentarily.

On Monday, the late-night talk show host shared that, for the ninth year in a row, he put together the "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" prank, where parents send in recordings of the moment when they told their children that they had eaten all their sugary snacks from All Hallows' Eve, and the children did not take it well.

One young girl burst into tears at breakfast when her parents jointly delivered the news as her siblings quietly watched. Finally, when her mom and dad admitted that they were only joking, the upset girl didn't calm down. Instead, she emitted a high-pitched shriek.

"I'm gonna call the police!" one adorable girl responded when her mother broke the not-at-all real news.

Several of the children took the news out on their empty plastic trick-or-treating buckets. They were kicked, thrown at their parents and tossed across the room. One boy attempted to throw his bucket away in the trash can, but it didn't quite fit.

However, not all of the kids began crying and shrieking. Some responded very calmly and rationally, though clearly not happy about the faux revelation. Like one young girl, who, when asked if it was OK that her candy was gone, responded, "Yes, but don't do it again. It will make you very sick."

"That's so rude of you," one boy explained to his mother, before adding, "You gotta eat some vegetables, not candy."

However, arguably one of the most touching reactions came from a boy after he learned that it was all a ruse. When his mother asked if he was relieved that he still had his candy, he responded, "A little bit, but I love you more than I love candy."

Check out all the pranks in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above.