Jinger Duggar Reunites With Family While Mom Michelle Breaks From Longstanding Dress Code

The reality TV matriarch donned black leggings during an outing with all of her daughters.

It was a happy reunion for the women of the Duggar family, with all nine Duggar daughters sharing a recent outing with mom Michelle Duggar. 

In a smiling snapshot posted by Jessa Duggar Seewald, Michelle is seen sporting what appears to be a new look as the group poses together inside an Arkansas coffee shop. The 56-year-old reality TV matriarch, who is known to exclusively wear long and modest skirts, is seen in black leggings, sneakers and a chambray top. Keeping with tradition, however, she does appear to don a figure hugging, knee-length black skirt over the top of her leggings. 

Meanwhile, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth looks happy and glowing as she shows off her growing bump. The pregnant momma is due with her third child -- a baby boy -- in May. 

The get-together marks the first time fans have seen Jinger Duggar Vuolo back together with her family since the release of her book, Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear, and her accompanying press tour. In her book, which she does not describe as a family tell-all, Jinger writes openly about her conservative upbringing and stepping away from the teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and disgraced pastor Bill Gothard.

"I sought from the very beginning to share with my parents what [teachings] I had changed on and why I saw this as something that was important to change on," she told ET earlier this year. "Whether that was wearing pants- I remember that conversation that I had with them, and I wanted to say, 'I don't see this in the word of God'... I had that conversation with them early on."

Jinger admitted that she was unsure how her family members -- especially her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle -- would react to the details shared in her book, but she said she worked hard to be transparent with them about her feelings and how her faith has evolved.

"Then, when I was writing this book as well, I reached out to my family and told them that I was writing this book," she continued. "I was very clear that it's not a tell-all about my family. I love my family. I'm so thankful for how they sacrificed so much for me. This story is my faith journey and how I wanted to share this story, and I feel a responsibility to it as well, because I promoted those [IBLP] teachings, so that's what I shared with my family."

In the new photo shared this week, Michelle's older daughters Jana, 33; Jill, 31; Jessa, 30; Jinger, 29, and Joy-Anna, 25 are all seen wearing pants, while the younger girls Johannah, 17; Jennifer, 15; Jordyn-Grace, 14, and Josie, 13, stick with skirts. 

"The older everyone gets, the busier life gets— which means it’s always extra special when we manage to get all 9 of us sisters + mom together again in the same place at the same time! Last week was golden," Jessa captioned the pic.

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