John Cena and Nikki Bella Spotted Together After Their Split

John Cena and former fiance Nikki Bella
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Will these two work it out after all?

Is there hope, after all, for John Cena and Nikki Bella?

The wrestling star couple were spotted grabbing coffee together in San Diego on Saturday, dressed down in sweats and workout clothes, in a photo obtained by TMZ.

It is the first time the couple have been seen together in public, since announcing their split last month, breaking off their engagement and relationship of six years. 

A source previously told ET that one of the sticking points of their relationship was differing desires to have children. Bella wanted them while 41-year-old Cena had been adamant he did not. 

But lately that stance appears to have softened, and the Blockers star opened up about his changing perspective on the Today show earlier this month. 

"I'm willing to go back on all of these things I said, and a lot of things I was holding on to just out of stubbornness -- 'I won't have kids' -- and it took a really strong look in the mirror for me to be like, 'Why?'" he said at the time. "This person is my number one, and it's something that's very valuable to her, and of course we can do this ... all of that switched because I love her. She's my number one and I just want to make her happy ... and right now, she's happy." 

Days later, Bella told ET at a junket for her reality series, Total Bellas, that seeing Cena's interview had made her feel "speechless" and "emotional." 

The 34-year-old WWE wrestler also revealed what she thinks it would take for a possible reconciliation: 

"Time. It's going to take time," she said. 

"John and I, we absolutely love each other and we care about each other a lot," she continued. "We are best friends and, right now, we're both giving each other time separately and maybe there's hope that we reunite in the future."