Watch Nikki Bella Make John Cena Incredibly Uncomfortable With Talk of Babies on 'Total Bellas'

John Cena and Nikki Bella
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In a new preview of the season three premiere of Total Bellas, John Cena and Nikki Bella continue to not see eye to eye on having children. 

In the clip released on Thursday, Nikki's twin sister, Brie, visits the couple -- who are no longer together -- at their home along with her husband, Daniel, and baby daughter, Birdie, and it's clear Nikki is taken with her adorable niece.

"I wish she was staying here," Nikki tells Brie. "We need to make it a nursery."

The two then look at John -- who was previously adamant about not wanting to have children -- and his uncomfortable face is priceless.

The clip also features a hilarious moment when John awkwardly tells Nikki's family that it's OK to wear shoes in the house despite what Brie describes as his "OCD." The Blockers star infamously made Nikki sign a 75-page agreement before they could even move in together.

New episodes of Total Bellas air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E! 

In an extremely candid interview with the Today show on Monday, John shockingly said he had changed his mind about wanting to have kids with Nikki. The two announced their split last month after six years of dating, and a source told ET at the time that the "main cause" of the breakup was over starting a family.

"I'm willing to go back on all of these things I said, and a lot of things I was holding on to just out of stubbornness -- 'I won't have kids' -- and it took a really strong look in the mirror for me to be like, 'Why?'" he explained about the big change of heart. "This person is my number one, and it's something that's very valuable to her, and of course we can do this ... all of that switched because I love her. She's my number one and I just want to make her happy ... and right now, she's happy." 

John appeared on the Today show again on Tuesday, and said he had no regrets about the emotional interview in which he also professed he still loved and wanted to marry Nikki. He noted that he didn't want any miscommunication to stand in the way of a possible reconciliation with his ex-fiancee.

"Lack of communication is many times what causes people to drift apart, lack of forgiveness is many times what causes people to stay apart," he also tweeted on Thursday.

ET spoke with Nikki at the Total Bellas junket on Wednesday in New York City, and she didn't shut the door on her and John's relationship.

"Time. It's going to take time," Nikki said about what it would take for them to get back together. "So, honestly, only time can tell."

"John and I, we absolutely love each other and we care about each other a lot," she continued. "We are best friends and, right now, we're both giving each other time separately and maybe there's hope that we reunite in the future."

Watch below:


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