John Cena Challenges Justin Bieber to Get In the Ring With Him -- Watch! (Exclusive)

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John Cena is ready to face off against Justin Bieber!

The pro wrestler and movie star co-hosted Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, and called out the "Yummy" singer, issuing a challenge to get into the ring with him.

"Okay Bieber, listen up. If you want to tussle with the great John Cena, I will ripe off your [bleep], do a month worth of leg days and hand it back to you so you can walk around like Justin Bieb-dashian! You don't want any of this. You still can't see me, son!" Cena yelled in pitch-perfect WWE trash talk tone, before switching back into a professional mode. "Sorry, what happened? I blacked out for like 60 seconds there."

So how did we end up here, with Cena issuing hilarious threats to the 25-year-old Canadian pop star? Well, it all stems from a viral meme that was born earlier this month when Bieber posted a photo of himself falling off a unicycle.

Fans photoshopped Bieber falling into a whole slew of different situations -- including into the mouth of a dinosaur and being levitated into a UFO. Bieber shared quite a few himself, including one that imagined what it looked like if he were body-slamming Cena in the ring.

ET's Nischelle Turner asked Cena about the pic at a Dolittle press junket last week, and the wrestler admitted that he actually liked and respected Bieber.

"Young kid, trying to find his way through life, doing all sorts of crazy stuff, just kind of figuring it out. I dig that," Cena shared. "And on top of it, he makes good music."

"And I think he wants to fight me at WrestleMania?" Cena added. "That'll be awesome… It's out of my hands, but Bieber -- you know where to find me!"

So, when Cena joined Turner as ET's co-host on Wednesday, the question that inevitably came up was whether or not he'd actually get in the ring with the singer.

"Would he ever actually get in the ring with me?!" Cena shot back.

However, he didn't discount Bieber entirely, explaining, "I think Justin would be spry, and he's not afraid to fall off of a unicycle."

Fans can only hold out hope for the possibility of seeing Bieber and Cena face off in the future.

Cena's new film, Dolittle, hits theaters Jan. 17.


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