John Cena Reveals Why He's Such a Big Fan of BTS -- and Which Member Is His Favorite (Exclusive)

The WWE star told ET that he's finally getting closer to meeting the K-pop boy band.

John Cena's got a plan to meet BTS... eventually. 

ET's Ashley Crossan spoke with the WWE star on the red carpet for his upcoming film, Bumblebee, at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, where Cena revealed that while BTS' globetrotting makes them difficult to track down, he has a feeling he'll cross paths with them soon. 

"I'm petitioning to be their secret bodyguard. I'm currently doing some business in China, and China's really close to Korea, so you never know what can happen," he teased. "I get closer to them, [but] I think they're actually here in the States though. So we may be passing each other."

Cena has been a fan of the K-pop group for years, and the boys have taken notice. During an interview with ET in May, V, Suga, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook acknowledged how Cena's become a fan, and they revealed they're actually big admirers of his as well. "He's the best wrestler," RM said as J-Hope revealed he really wanted to meet Cena. 

"J-Hope is my favorite, just because he's got a little street cred like myself," Cena confessed to ET on Friday, though noting that he has a lot of respect for the group and the fan ARMY they've created. 

"I'm a fan of fandom. That's why I love places like Comic-Con. That's why I love WWE. Because people show their passion. When I became aware of the BTS phenomenon, it hit me by storm. I listened to their music. I enjoy their music," he shared. "But I really enjoy the following and the passion they create. I think that's something special."

"And especially for them to be the first to take K-pop and make it global, that truly is a testament to how well they do their job," Cena added of the group's incredible success. "So I'm just a fan of what they do and the passion that they evoke out of people. I think it's really special."

While Cena couldn't contain his love for BTS, he was little more tight-lipped about his role in Bumblebee, saying he couldn't "confirm or deny" if his character swayed more good or bad in the film.

No matter what side he's on, Cena said everyone will be able to relate to the Transformers spinoff based on 1980s fashion alone. 

"I think everybody will be able to relate. Fashion trends come and go, and some of the stuff that was popular in the '80s is actually coming back, so I don't think people are going to be floored by what's fashionable," he expressed. "I just think they went above and beyond to make sure everything was, like, '80s specific. And my character is really plugged into, like, the tech of the era, so I got to deal with a lot of '80s tech, which was crazy. So that was really fun."

"Being a child of the '80s, it was awesome to see. The set design was so spot-on. Everything is so slow and bulky. Man, we got it good nowadays," Cena cracked. 

Bumblee hits theaters on on Dec. 21.