John Cena Says It's a Time for 'Trying New Things' (Exclusive)

The WWE star explains that he's looking to broaden his horizons.

John Cena is leaving his comfort zone behind!

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with the pro wrestler turned leading man at the L.A. premiere of his new movie, Bumblebeewhere he showed up with a bold, sophisticated look.

The 41-year-old star hit the red carpet in a sharp, dark blue three-piece suit and sporting a yellow tie, which expertly matched the film’s titular Transformer. Moreover, he’s done away with his signature crew-cut fade haircut, choosing instead a confident combed-back look.

“Its a very important occasion and I figured I would dress accordingly. Nothing says big like a vest,” he joked while explaining how he's turned over a new leaf career-wise, including playing the film's villain.

Cena also revealed that, growing up in Massachusetts, he made of number of risky style choices that made him the object of ridicule.

“Ah man, my whole teenage existence was awkward,” he playfully explained. “I mean, if you think I have a weird haircut now, I had a two-foot high top-fade. I wore the rayon, polka-dot Hammer pants, airbrushed overalls, and… I grew up in a town of about 1200 people. That was a rock ’n’ roll town, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I took a lot of flak for it but in a weird way, just like Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) struggles in the movie, it kind of made me who I am today.”

In the film, set in 1987, Charlie befriends Bumblebee after buying a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, not knowing it’s really an interplanetary visitor. Cena plays Jack Burns, the leader of a shadowy government agency attempting to hunt down the beloved Autobot. As they fight off Burns, Charlie and Bumblebee soon learn that he isn't the only Transformer on Earth.

Check out our full chat with Cena up above.

Bumblebee arrives in theaters on Dec. 21.