John Cena Plays Coy About His Dating Life Since Nikki Bella Split (Exclusive)

John Cena
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John Cena’s not spilling any tea about his relationship with Nikki Bella.   

ET recently spoke with the 41-year-old WWE star, who officially ended his engagement to 34-year-old Bella on the season finale of Total Bellas back in July. The breakup came after an April 2017 engagement and initial split a year later.     

Though rumors of a reconciliation between the pair have long since passed, fans are still clamoring to know if there’s any hope for the duo to be together again.   

“That's information for me,” Cena told ET’s Kevin Frazier, following the release of his new children’s book, Elbow Grease, which is out now. “That's a good question. I appreciate you asking. You're probably worried about me. What does he do in his spare time?”

“I'm keeping busy, man. I'm keeping busy,” Cena continued. “That's information I'm gonna keep with me.”

When ET chatted with Bella last month, she wasn’t quite as coy about her dating life, revealing that she’s “single but… not ready for mingling yet.”

"I think it's happiness, and just fully being happy and that's what I want," she said. "I just feel like I'm at that age where I'm discovering who I really am and what I want out of life and just, like, independence. It is scary and you do have these moments of like, 'What am I doing?' -- and fear. I just kind of am liking the challenge." 

In addition to his breakup, Cena’s also gone through a recent physical change -- growing out his hair! The Blockers star told ET that the director of his upcoming flick, Project X-traction, asked him to leave his signature buzzcut behind for his role, something that he was happy to do. 

 “I left for China with a crew cut and I'd been gone for five months and then I show up with hair,” Cena said. “So it's like, no, you didn’t get to see the gradual awkward stage of it growing out, you just see the awkward stage of now.”

While he’s perfectly happy with his new ‘do, some fans on social media have been less than pleased.

“This is a bit different than what they've been seeing for two decades now so I appreciate that everyone’s been paying attention,” Cena said. “... My hair was something I've been insecure about. Now I'm able to face those insecurities so, like, yay internet! Even with the negativity, you helped do something good. Gold star for the day.” 

Facing negativity head-on and never giving up is something that Cena works to apply in both his personal and professional lives. So much so that it became a large focus of his children’s book.

“So many kids are like, ‘Man, I like John Cena because he never gives up.’ And I've heard so many parents say, ‘I like the message you send to my child,’” Cena reveals. “I wanted to take the same message and use my imagination to create this wonderful universe to hopefully get that message across to the young readers.”

Watch the video below for more on Cena:


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