John Cho Weighs in on What Harold and Kumar Would Be Doing Now (Exclusive)

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John Cho is updating fans on what his stoner alter ego, Harold, and his best bud, Kumar, are likely up to all these years later!

“Today they'd be married and still doing weed,” he told ET’s Courtney Tezeno at the premiere for The Oath at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Tuesday about his and Kal Penn's characters in the 2004 hit Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and its two sequels. “Married with children and stepping out on the patio.”

He also discussed his new hyper-relevant film, which tells the story of a Thanksgiving before a deadline when all Americans are required to sign a “Patriot’s Oath” for the government. Naturally, political differences explode at the dinner table amid the turkey and stuffing. And it turns out, minus the oath and violence, this situation isn’t all that far removed from Cho’s own holidays.

“Yeah, I do try to avoid talking politics with my parents. I can’t help it sometimes and it gets crazy,” he said. “I try to remember that they're good people and we all are trying to figure out what’s best for the country, but we differ.”

Cho also weighed in on the explosion of Asian American projects that have found success in 2018 including Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

“I think my answer is twofold,” he shared. “On the one hand, I’m really, really encouraged and I think it's a beautiful thing. The thing that I’m most happy about is people expressing themselves online, wherever the activism is taking place and people sort of being heard. Saying this is what we like, this is what we'd like more of… On the other hand, even though there’s more visibility… I want more quality roles.”

The Oath arrives in theaters on Oct. 12.

Get more movie news in the clip below.


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