John Legend Invites Maelyn Jarmon to His House After Winning 'The Voice'

Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, also excitedly celebrated her husband's big night on Twitter with some super sweet posts.

After The Voice crowned singer Maelyn Jarmon the season 16 winner, she and coach John Legend opened up to reporters backstage about their big win and plans for the future.

"I think it gave us an advantage to stand out being the only woman, and only non country artist," Legend said of Jarmon, who beat out fellow finalists Andrew Sevener, Dexter Roberts and Gyth Rigdon -- all coached by Blake Shelton -- for the big win on Tuesday night.

"But when you have Maelyn on your team, she's supposed to win The Voice. Her voice is supposed to win," Legened added, praising the smiling songstress. "That's why it's called The Voice."

As for Jarmon, the young songstress says she's "trying to take this whole process one step at a time."

"All I know is that I will work very hard and I'm ready to hit the ground running. So whatever it is, I'm ready for it," Jarmon said. "I want to release music and tour and I know that's in the cards. How it's gonna play out, I'm not sure. But I'm okay with that too. I'm ready to go with the flow."

While Jarmon and Legend got along very well during the course of the show, Jarmon admitted that she hasn't got a chance to hang out with Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, or their adorable kids -- 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles.

"I have not met his family," Jarmon said, stressing, "yet!"

"I gotta work on that," Legend admitted sheepishly. "When are you leaving town? Because we'll have a hangout session. We'll have your family over and we'll hang out."

"That's on camera!" Jarmon jokingly declared to reporters in the room. "You all have that."

According to Legend, his wife was "very excited" about the big win, and spent a lot of the night messaging him asking who had won.

"You know, we're on the West Coast and we don't get to see it live on television and she was asking me, 'When do they announce? When do they announce?'" Legend shared. "And finally, I was able to tell her we won. She was very excited."

Teigen actually took to Twitter to express her excitement over her husband's big win, retweeting The Voice's clip of the moment Jarmon was declared the season champion.

"This is literally the happiest I’ve ever seen John ever????" Teigen wrote.

Then, after getting some heat from her followers for supposedly spoiling the episode, Teigen threw some shade with a semi-sarcastic apology.

"Truly sorry for spoiling the voice tonight," she wrote. "I thought that since the official account tweeted it, it would be okay. But now I realize it wasn’t and will make sure that when my husband wins something with someone, I will wait for each state and every country before being excited."

"Well it looks like we are now being penalized for my spoiler and the award has been taken away and given to Carson Daly," Teigen later added. "Again I apologize."

For more on this season of The Voice, and Legend's experience as a first-time coach, check out the video below.