John Legend Reveals Whether He Approves Chrissy Teigen's Hilarious Tweets About Him

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen doesn't need John Legend's approval to post about him on Twitter!

On Tuesday, Legend, 40, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that his wife rarely gets his opinion before posting hilarious tweets about him.

"She runs some tweets by me, but she never runs the ones when she's talking about me by me," he shared. "... We're, like, next to each other on the couch and she'll have this devilish look on her face like she's, you know, conniving some kind of devious plan."

"And then the tweet will go out and I'll just look at her like, 'Haha. That's funny. That's funny,'" he continues. "They are funny."

Legend also confessed that he thinks Teigen, 33, is "funnier and cooler" than he is and applauded her for getting her tweets in while she's busy with their two children, Miles, 9 months, and Luna, 2. The "All of Me" singer went on to explain how Miles takes after him, while Luna favors her mother. 

"It's funny because he looks more like me as an adult than he looks like me as a baby," Legend said of his mini doppelganger. "Like, he's me."

"... When Luna gets jealous, she doesn't take it out on Miles, she just wants our attention more. So she'll just, like, make more noise and when I'm holding Miles she'll say, 'Daddy, hold me. Hold me too! Hold me too!'" Legend continued. "And then she laughs because she thinks it's so funny. She's like, 'You're holding two babies! Haha!'"

"She's a little Chrissy," DeGeneres said.

"She is, though," he confirmed. "She is."

Legend's reveal about Teigen's Twitter activities comes after the model took to the social media platform to preview their run on Family Feud. Legend and Teigen will be going up against the cast of Vanderpump Rules on the game show, and Teigen wasn't feeling too great about her and Legend's chances -- especially after she chipped a tooth!

"Oh my god we are f**ked," she tweeted. "I'm bailing."

Also over the weekend, Teigen tweeted about a hilarious fight she had with Legend, and she revealed: "I told John I wouldn't tweet about this but I lied here goes."

The couple fought over the best way to cook pizza rolls, with Teigen sharing their step-by-step fight, at one point jokingly calling Legend an "idiot."

Watch the video below for more on Legend and Teigen: 


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