John Mayer Stops Concert, Steps Off Stage to Help Fan With Medical Emergency

ET was at the concert and spoke with the singer's friend, Andy Cohen, before the show.

John Mayer is prioritizing his fans' health. ET was there when the 44-year-old musician performed the John Mayer Small Stage Series Concert for SiriusXM and Pandora in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, and he didn't hesitate to stop the show when he noticed one concertgoer who needed some medical attention. 

"Are they conscious? Give me thumbs up if they're alert," Mayer asked. 

Though at first, it seemed like someone in the crowd was giving Mayer the go-ahead, he later asked, "You need an AED [automated external defibrillator]? Well, that's not somebody who's alert!"

After a brief pause, Mayer announced, "I'm going to step off stage for a second," as the crowd cheered the decision. Mayer did not return to the stage until the fan was taken care of. He later noted that the woman was OK and had given a thumbs up while exiting the theater. 

The show was hosted by Mayer's pal, Andy Cohen, who spoke with ET before the concert about their 10-year friendship. 

"We met over 10 years ago through our friend, Ricky," Cohen told ET's Brice Sander. "I ran into them shopping. I didn't know much about John Mayer at all or his music, and I wasn't even so sure it was him when we met." 

Cohen added that it wasn't until he saw paparazzi following them in New York City that he realized who he was out with. 

"We just started there and would see each other around," Cohen explained. "He always had a great spirit." 

John Mayer and Andy Cohen - Getty

Mayer isn't the first musician to stop performing mid-show to make sure a fan was OK. Over the weekend, Billie Eilish stopped her concert in Atlanta, Georgia, to make sure a fan could get an inhaler.