John Stamos Tells Dax Shepard He Was Almost Set Up With Kristen Bell

The 'Full House' star was a guest on the 'Armchair Expert' podcast, hosted by Kristen Bell's husband.

Dax Shepard could have had a future without Kristen Bell. On the latest episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, the comedian is joined by John Stamos, who revealed that someone tried to set him up with the Frozen star following his divorce from Rebecca Romijn.  

"I was freshly divorced, there was some award show or party or after-party or something," Stamos told Shepard. "And my press agent, Lewis K, says, 'There’s this girl that wants to meet you. You gotta meet her. She’s in the theater, she’s fun, you guys will be great together.' It was Kristen."

Stamos shared that while he met her and thought she was lovely, she in fact was just too young for him.  

"I said, 'She’s so adorable, she’s so great, I'm way the f**k too old,'" the Full House star quipped.  

Shepard revealed that he never heard the story, but would not have been opposed to the pairing. After doing the math, the host revealed that the age gap between Stamos and Bell is actually less than the one Stamos has with his current wife. 

Stamos quipped that as he got older, he got over the notion of someone being too young.  

"Then I got over that," Stamos joked.  

Bell, 42, and Shepard, 47, tied the knot in 2013. The two are parents to daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7.  

Stamos, 59, is currently married to 36-year-old Caitlin McHugh. The pair got married in 2018 and are parents to 4-year-old Billy. 

During another portion of the conversation, Stamos opened up about giving his latest relationship his all  

"When I met my wife now, I said, 'I'm gonna put 100 percent into this.' If it doesn’t work, fine, but at least I know that road,” the Big Shot star shared. "Being in the moment is exhausting, but it’s so great." 

Earlier this year, in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary, Stamos took to Instagram to share the unromantic way he met his wife

"Some couples meet at work. Some meet through friends. Some on dating apps. I met my wife on a TV show called SVU Law and Order [sic]," Stamos wrote, "where I was playing a serial reproductive abuser, trying to secretly impregnate her by poking a hole in a condom- I already had 47 children, but wanted one more."

Stamos continued by quipping, "It took me 7 years, but eventually I had a child with my Disney Girl."