John Travolta Explains His New Bald Look: 'I'm Going For It' (Exclusive)

Everybody is loving John Travolta's bold new 'do.

Everyone is loving John Travolta's bold new 'do.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with the 64-year-old actor at the Super Bowl in Atlanta, where he talked about recently shaving his head. Travolta confirmed that his friend, rapper Pitbull -- who also rocks a bald hairstyle -- was one of the motivating factors, but also noted he's worn the hairstyle before. 

"Well, he's one of my inspirations for sure," Travolta said. "I mean, I did this, I had this look for a movie called From Paris with Love years ago."

"But you know, I never thought of wearing it as, like, a full-time look, and then my family said, 'Why don't you shave it for the new year?' and then I dared to put post it on my Instagram," he continued. "It went crazy, went viral -- much more than I ever expected and it made headlines -- so I felt like Zoolander or something, you know, and I'm going for it."

Travolta brought his 8-year-old son Benjamin to the big game, and joked about this finally being the year Benjamin was interested in it.

"He actually asked to come ... I wasn't luring him in, which I did try for a couple years," he shared. "But this year was the first year he reached out. I had to make it happen. You know, I wish it'd been a little more exciting game, but maybe something's happening there that I don't know."

Travolta Instagrammed a sweet video with Benjamin from the Super Bowl of the two spending some quality time together. 

"Here we are, Ben and I, at the Super Bowl, sending our love to all of you," he said. "Have a good time, right Ben?"

The actor recently also spoke to ET about his how his good friend and Grease co-star, Olivia Newton-John, has been doing amid her cancer battle. Watch the video below for more:


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