Johnny Depp Settles Assault Case With 'City of Lies' Location Manager After Allegedly Punching Him in 2018

Depp was accused of attacking a production manager in 2018, on the set of his crime drama 'City of Lies.'

Johnny Depp wont be heading back to court this month after all. The embattled actor has settled an assault-related lawsuit against him, which was set to kick off July 25.

Depp was once again set to be represented by his now-famous lawyer, Camille Vasquez, and was on the witness list, meaning he would have had to take the stand once again.

However, according to court documents obtained by ET, the actor has settled with location manager Gregory Brooks, who worked on Depp's crime-drama film City of Lies, and claims the actor attacked him during production.

The settlement amount has not been disclosed, but the case will not be proceeding to trial.

In the original lawsuit, Brooks alleged that he and Depp got into a heated fight in 2018 after Brooks relayed a message to Depp that they were running out of time for filming. 

Brooks claimed Depp physically assaulted him by punching him twice in the rib cage as well as inflicting "emotional distress” through verbal attacks. In addition, Depp allegedly offered the location manager $100,000 to punch him in the face. Brooks' suit claimed that after the alleged incident, he suffered physical pain and psychological injury. 

The docs also claimed that Depp's own bodyguards physically removed Depp from the scene and Brooks claimed the actor's breath "reeked of alcohol."

For his part, Depp alleged the attacks on Brooks were in "self-defense/defense of others.” The actor's lawyers responded to the 2018 lawsuit claiming Depp was "provoked" and that Brooks made him "feel unsafe."

The settlement comes just weeks after Depp was entangled in a defamation case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, that spanned six weeks. The highly publicized trial fell mostly in Depp's favor with Heard being found guilty on three counts of defamation. However, Heard's lawyers have filed a post-trial motion asking for the verdict to be thrown out.

Check out the video below for more on the ongoing legal battle between Depp and Heard.