JoJo Fletcher Spills 'Bachelor' Secrets: Strong Drinks, Forgetting Names & 'Bad' Chad (Exclusive)

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Find out why the former 'Bachelorette' is calling her premiere episode a 'sh*t show.'

JoJo Fletcher is opening about her Bachelor journey -- and spilling all the juicy details! 

The former Bachelorette and her fiance, Jordan Rodgers, sit down to answer fans' questions on Tuesday's episode of their Kin webseries, Engaged With JoJo and Jordan. Only ET has an exclusive first look at the episode before its release, and nothing is off limits. 

Fletcher and Rodgers, who previously revealed they're setting a wedding date, admit that they "took a step back" from the Bachelor franchise since getting engaged on The Bachelorette in 2016. Now, however, they're ready to answer fans' questions, starting with how they got on the show. 

The brunette beauty confesses that she was a fan of the franchise before appearing on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, while Rodgers says he was approached by a producer who saw his work in the sports circuit. "I got a call from a producer a week before filming," Rodgers reveals, adding that he was locked in a hotel room, watching Higgins' After the Final Rose to find out who the Bachelorette would be

Flash forward a week, and the pair met for the first time on night one. Rodgers says production handed contestants welcome drinks, which got a lot of the men "hammered." "It was straight vodka, nothing else in it," he claims, explaining that he passed on the cocktail after one sip, and instead carried the same drink the entire night. 

"The guys on my season were hammered the first night. That was my main memory from night one: y'all were just hammered," Fletcher adds. "I'm all about taking the edge off on night one, because it is a crazy night, and the nerves are insane. But my guys were hammered ... it was just a sh*t show, really." 

Fletcher remembers Vinny Ventiera and Daniel Maguire crashing one of her interviews, but as for the other guys' names, those are little foggier. 

"I did not remember anyone's name! Inside scoop, on the first night, when we're doing the rose ceremony, I go out and I have three names in my head. I go out there, I say the three names, and then we break," she dishes. "Then I go back into a different room with producers who have a photo of the lineup, so I know where to look 'Who's Jeremy and where is he standing?' It's definitely broken up, but you don't see it."

"It's terrible for us, because we're literally [at the first rose ceremony] for three hours," Rodgers chimes in. 

Fletcher, however, felt the pressure, sharing that she had much more fun as a contestant than as the Bachelorette. "I had more fun in the house with the girls," she says, mentioning her friendship with fellow contestant Becca Tilley.

Rodgers didn't get as close with the other men dating Fletcher, however, recalling one incident with "Bad" Chad Johnson, who was "trying to fight people" over his misplaced protein powder. 

"I knew he was a little rough around the edges," Fletcher shares, noting that she didn't see much of went on in the house. "The time that he got home was the time I was ready to send him home."

See the couple reveal more Bachelor secrets -- including their best advice for getting on the show, and what to pack -- in the video below. 

Last week's episode of Fletcher and Rodgers' webseries focused on the pair's wedding plans. 

"We said that 2019 was going to be the year that we set our date, so now we're actively thinking about when the date is going to be," Fletcher said, explaining that they're going to wait until after Rodgers' brother's upcoming wedding to announce their date. 

"All those conversations about the wedding dress, now that actually gets real," Rodgers added. 

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