Jon Favreau Details Future of 'Mandalorian' Universe and Following George Lucas' Vision (Exclusive)

The acclaimed director opened up to ET at the 'Mandalorian' season 3 premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday.

As The Mandalorian prepares to kick off its third season, creator Jon Favreau has a bold and sweeping vision for the show's potential future and is promising some real excitement for the forthcoming new episodes.

Favreau walked the red carpet at The Mandalorian season 3 premiere on Tuesday, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, and he spoke with ET's Ash Crossan about what fans can expect from the show's iconic characters in the new season.

"Things certainly will culminate this season, because there's a lot of characters that we've set up and there are all lot of them that are coming together again," Favreau teased, cautiously. "There are bigger things happening in the galaxy as well. We have the resurgent Empire and we have the Mandalorians, who are scattered, and there's lots of different factions that are all over the galaxy."

One thing fans saw in The Book of Boba Fett was Grogu (or "Baby Yoda" as fans have come to fondly call the character) leaving the tutelage of Luke Skywalker and choosing to return to Din Djarin -- a.k.a. the Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal).

"Luke also left his teacher to be with his friends and help out in something bigger," Favreau shared, when asked about what ramifications Grogu's choice may have on the character's future. "So I think we've learned from Star Wars and what George Lucas established that if you have a certain foundation -- just like martial arts or a lot of other skills -- you can continue to train on your own or maybe seek out other teachers."

"He's also going to get together with Din Djarin, with the Mandalorian, and there's a lot he has to learn from that world too, different lessons," he added. "So it will be interesting to see how that combination of mentors affects the way he develops as a character."

According to Favreau, this season has been a chance to embrace the inspirations and sci-fi roots of the Star Wars universe, and the creative team is "enjoying leaning into what inspired George Lucas originally, which was like the Flash Gordon serialized science fiction stories."

"So, while we're resolving characters and storylines and things change and adjust, we want to keep the story going," he shared. "And there's also things that we want to play with and set up that are reflecting what has existed before what we're doing here."

As for whether or not fans should be excited for a potential fourth season in the future, Favreau explained, "A lot of it is up to the audience."

"There's plenty of room for development for these characters and we've established a really interesting dynamic and room for growth," Favreau shared, trying hard to avoid future spoilers. "There's a lot of things happening outside of these characters that will affect things. And there are characters that are on the horizon that are going to enter, and going to take the stage."

"There's a lot, and we're constantly thinking about where this can go and how this can play out, and how all these pieces can fit together," he added. "So, it's like a big puzzle. But at the end of the day, it's about people and about relationships. That's the template that George laid out and we try to aspire to those same principles."

The Mandalorian season 3 premieres March 1 on Disney+.



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