Jon Gosselin Reveals Last Time He Talked to Ex-Wife Kate and Where He Stands With Their Children (Exclusive)

The reality star spoke with ET about his strained relationship with his ex-wife.

Jon Gosselin is opening up about the status of his relationship with his children and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

Jon sat down with ET's Rachel Smith and was joined by longtime girlfriend Stephanie Lebo. The pair opened up about the emotional and legal drama that has surrounded the family since their time on Jon & Kate Plus 8, and subsequent divorce.

While Jon's son, Collin -- who recently enlisted in the Marine Corps -- and daughter, Hannah, have been living with him for several years, the reality star claims that his relationship with his other six children is essentially non-existent.

Jon Gosselin

In fact, according to Jon, he hasn't spoken to a few of his children for more than 10 years.

Jon and Kate share eight children. Collin is part of a set of 19-year-old sextuplets -- Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Joel and Leah -- while 22-year-old Mady has a twin sister, Cara.

"I haven't talked to Mady and Cara for, oh I don't even know, over a decade," Jon tells ET. "And then I haven't talked to Joel, Aaden, Leah and Alexis for five years."

When it comes to whether or not Jon has plans to make an effort to rebuild those connections to his kids, the reality star says he feels it's not his choice to make.

"At this point, they're adults now. So, I mean, I don't even know their phone numbers or stuff," Jon shares. "Hannah went down there and talked to them... I've kind of just stuck with the kids that live here."

According to Jon, it's not as simple as just wanting to see his kids. Jon claims, "It doesn't work the way you think it would work," and alleges that the famously bad blood between him and his ex-wife served to "alienate" him from the majority of his children.

"So until my other kids figure that out ... [and] stop believing in one side of the story, I can't do anything else," Jon claims.

Instead, Jon is hoping that his children will one day reach out to him to build bridges. "I've tried to reach out to them and it has failed numerous times," Jon states.

As for his communication with his ex-wife, Jon says it's been about as long since he's talked with her as well.

Jon Gosselin

When asked how Kate feels about his long-term relationship with Stephanie, Jon says, "I don't know. I don't talk to Kate. I have no idea. I haven't heard her voice since 2018."

Meanwhile, for more on Jon and Stephanie's romance, see the video below.