Josh Gad on How Kristen Bell Saved His Family From Hurricane and Why His Work Is ‘Worthless’ as a Dad

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As his Florida-based family’s safety hung in the balance ahead of devastating Hurricane Irma, Josh Gad made one call which helped save their lives -- to his Frozen costar, Kristen Bell!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Gad shared how Bell came to the rescue after his initial plans to keep his family safe backfired due to the hurricane changing course.

“My entire family lives in South Florida, so I sent them all to my brother’s place in Tampa,” Gad said. “Then the hurricane veered west to Tampa and I had to get them out and had nowhere to send them, so I immediately started calling everybody I know.”

“I was like, ‘Wait, Kristen is in Disney World and she’s got all of her cast and crew because she’s shooting a film there,’” he continued. “So, I called her up and said, ‘Is there any way you could find some rooms for my family?’ 'Cause apparently, I have no connections to Disney! She literally said these words: ‘Even if I have to share my room with your entire family I will make sure they are safe.’”

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Around 10 of Gad’s family members, including his parents, brothers and stepsister, took shelter with Bell, who naturally took a selfie with Gad’s mother and father.

“That’s my mom and dad who immediately called me up, as a category four hurricane is hitting, like, ‘We’re famous,’” Gad, 36, said, laughing as the selfie was shown to the audience. “They were so excited.”

However, while his parents may have been thrilled about getting to hang with another Frozen star, it’s a different story when it comes to Gad’s daughters, Ava and Isabella.

With Gad having started filming Frozen 2, he admitted his kids are more interested in DeGeneres’ work in Finding Dory.

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“My daughters couldn’t care less because they’re obsessed with you,” Gad told DeGeneres. “They don’t watch the Ellen show yet, but they are obsessed with Dory and every time I offer them Frozen or Finding Dory, inevitably it makes me realize how worthless as a father my work has been to them because they always choose your work. They absolutely love it.”

 “They seem like very smart children,” DeGeneres replied.

See how else Bell helped those affected by the hurricane in the video below.

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