Joy Behar Takes a Tumble Live on 'The View'

The co-host admitted that she 'missed a step, as usual' after taking a little fall.

Joy Behar started her day with a little tumble. On Thursday, The View co-host missed a step and took a slight fall during the opening segment of the show. As Behar and her co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines made their way to their revolving seats, the camera cut to the clapping audience, before panning back to the women, and a producer, helping Behar off the floor.  

Behar was fine as she got back in her seat and the panel quipped about the ordeal. “These chairs move and you touch it, and you’re on the ground,” Goldberg said.  

“It’s happened to all of us, at one time or another,” Hostin added.  

When the host finally got to her seat, she joked, “25 years, that has never happened to me. Who do I sue?” 

Goldberg and Hines both agreed that they “hate these chairs.” Behar joked that her husband, Steve Janowitz, was probably having a ball watching from home.  

“My husband’s probably at home saying, ‘That woman cannot, not fall.’” Giving the host a little extra support, an audience member screamed, “We love you, Joy,” before the crowd went into a round of applause.  

Before getting into the show, Behar had one more joke to get out. “I went flying,” she said along with laughter from the crowd and her co-hosts. Confirming she was fine, the comedian added, “I just missed a step. I just missed a step, as usual.”  

The rest of the show went off without a hitch, or fall, from Behar or any of the other women. The panel welcomed comedian Amy Poehler, and stayed in true form as they got into the “Hot Topics.”