Julia Michaels Just Won Her First Award Ever: 'I'm Still in Shock' (Exclusive)

"My hands haven't stopped shaking since I got here."

Julia Michaels is still processing her big win!

ET's Nancy O'Dell caught up with the 25-year-old singer shortly after she and Keith Urban nabbed the Collaborative Video of the Year award, for their song, "Coming Home," at the 2019 CMT Awards on Wednesday. The honor marked Michaels' first award ever and resulted in her feeling "amazing."

"My hands haven't stopped shaking since I got here," she admitted. "This is the first award I've ever won... I've been nominated but this is the first one I've ever won."

As for how she'll celebrate the exciting milestone, for which she and Urban beat out the likes of Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift, Michaels said she planned to "go eat lots of food and probably drink a little."

"I'm still in shock," she said. "I'm very excited."

Michaels also couldn't stop gushing about her co-winner, calling Urban "so lovely."

"It was amazing," she said of collaborating with the 51-year-old country legend. "You know, not only did I get to be in the studio with him, but I got to tour with him this January and he really is who you think he is. He's genuine. He's humble. He's so lovely. I mean, [he's] truly probably one of the best tour companions I've ever had... He really is, like, what you see is really what you get."

"Honestly, I'm just happy that we won," she added. "... I need to hug him eight more times."

Nabbing the award isn't going to stop Michaels from continuing to put in some serious work! The "Issues" singer is set to drop her album, Inner Monologue Part Two, on June 28.

"It's so exciting, so nervous, but I'm so excited," she said of the album's upcoming release. "... It's basically just talking about all the things I think and feel on a daily basis -- that's why it's called Inner Monologue -- and it talks about love and heartbreak and it talks about mental health. So yeah, I hope people like it."

Watch the video below for more on Michaels.