Julie Bowen Says She Would Come Out of Dating Retirement for This One Direction Member

The former boy bander is currently in a relationship with a different actress.

Julie Bowen has a crush on a former boy band member. The 51-year-old actress appears on Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and tells guest host Adam Devine that Harry Styles is one of the only people who could get her to put her happily single life behind her.

"I'm very single. That dog, that was my retirement gift to me. I was like, 'I'm done [dating],'" Bowen says of her new pup. "... I did go on some dates, and this guy was always like, 'You have to come to my house 'cause I had a dog.' And I was like, 'I'm getting a dog. That's the trick, man.' Now, it's on my terms. I'm like, 'You can come. I have a dog. You gotta leave.' The dog is my gatekeeper."

When Devine mentions Bowen's "little crush" on Styles, which was only furthered when she saw him in concert last year, she says, "You're asking [if I] would come out of retirement for Harry Styles? Oh, hell yeah."

As photos of Styles are shown, Bowen excitedly exclaims, "Look at him!"

As for what it is about Styles, Bowen explains that the former One Direction singer has the "same energy" as tWitch, Ellen's co-executive producer.

"They're so gorgeous and sexy, but there's so much joy that you don't feel dirty about what's happening in your pants," Bowen says, before referencing one of Styles' songs. "They're just bringing the joy, and the light, and the 'Watermelon Sugar,' that you just feel good about the whole experience."

Bowen may not be leaving dating retirement anytime soon, as Styles is currently dating Olivia Wilde

The couple was first romantically linked in January 2020, when Wilde was directing Styles in the upcoming psychological thriller Don't Worry Darling. Last summer, they were spotted packing on the PDA in Italy while on a yacht.

In June, a source told ET that Wilde and Styles are "pretty low-key and have enjoyed being somewhat out of the public eye."

Watch the video below for more on the couple.