Just Try Not to Squeal Over These Royal Baby and Dog Photos

Kate Middleton and Prince William with PRince George and dog Lupo
Michael Middleton - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Yes, the royal family has been full of adorable puppies and kiddos for the last century -- and just wait 'til we meet Baby Sussex!

Leave it to the royals to have the cutest babies and puppies ever.

For the past century, these Brits have been blessing us with adorable snapshots of their days in Kensington Palace and vacation and family homes around England. Whether they're photos of Prince Harry learning to crawl, a bubbly baby Prince William shining in front of the camera, or Princess Charlotte giving her baby brother, Prince Louis, a big kiss on the forehead, they've all stolen our hearts since their day ones.

Don't worry, we're not leaving out the earlier generations -- William and Harry's dad, Prince Charles, also has some of the most precious and precocious baby pics ever.

Not only that, but the family has also had dozens and dozens of pet dogs. Most famously, Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis and corgi mixes since 1952, and she and her sister, Princess Margaret, also had a few pups before that.

William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have a very sweet cocker spaniel named Lupo, parents-to-be Harry and Meghan Markle are pet mom and dad to a Labrador, and the former actress also brought over one of her rescue dogs, Guy, when she moved to London.

Though we haven't met Harry and Meghan's pup, we do hope to see both her and their newest addition -- Baby Sussex, who's due at the end of April -- very soon!

Until then, let's take a look back at some of the sweetest royal baby and dog pics of the past few decades, which will definitely leave you with all the feels: