Justin Bieber's Manager Scooter Braun Says Singer Will Reveal Why He Canceled His Tour 'When He's Ready'

Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun
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Fans might not know the whole story of why Justin Bieber decided to cancel the remainder of his Purpose World Tour this summer.

The 23-year-old singer's manager, Scooter Braun, appeared on Thursday's CBS This Morning and was adamant that Bieber has good reason for calling off his concerts. 

"Look, I think he'll decide to tell people when he's ready of what exactly happened," Braun told co-anchor Gayle King. "But I think he was making a decision, like he said, to protect himself."

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Braun further noted, "But he's 23 years old now, and if he makes a decision as a man, as long as he's willing to listen to opinions and hear people out -- if he has true conviction, I'm willing to have his back."

In July, Bieber announced that he was canceling the remaining dates on his 150-show tour in six continents "due to unforeseen circumstances." 

"To those that won't be able to see it... on behalf of myself, Justin, and the team, we are sorry," Braun posted to Instagram following the announcement. "That was never our intent. But a man's soul and well-being I truly care about came first and We must all respect and honor that." 

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At the time, a source close to the tour told ET that Bieber's reason for canceling the tour was because he was simply "exhausted."

"He needed a break and as much as he didn't want to disappoint his fans, the best decision for him was to cancel the remaining tour dates," the source said. "He doesn't want to let his fans down but they have always had his back."

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Braun admitted to King that Bieber's troubles over the years has taken a toll on their relationship from time to time. "I wasn't willing to be a yes man. I wasn't willing to stand by, and I also had never been through it before," he explained. "[Justin] was going through really hard times, and for a year and a half, I failed -- completely."

The 36-year-old manager and businessman confided, "I tried every single thing to get him back on the right track, and I failed time and time again. My dad gave me great advice. He said, 'Look. Your responsibility isn't to change him. It's to be a rock.'"

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In addition to Bieber, Braun also manages Kanye West, and recalled the bizarre way he started working with the 40-year-old rapper. "We'd been friends a long time. And all of a sudden -- one thing led to another -- and I told him, 'Look, I probably shouldn't manage you. We're friends. Better not doing' -- he goes, 'No, you need to be part of the team,'" he said, remembering his conversation with West. "And I said, 'Well, why don't we get together in a week and we'll see?' And, like, the next day, I get a phone call from Adidas and Def Jam saying, 'We were told to deal with you, that you're in charge.'"

Braun quipped, "I call Kanye and I said, 'I thought we'd talk in a week.' He goes, 'I don't have time to wait a week. You're in.' And that was that."

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Braun's philanthropic efforts have also not gone unnoticed. He was recently the executive producer of the Hand in Hand telethon, which raised over $55 million for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and headed up Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit in response to 22 people being killed when a bomb went off following the pop star's concert in the city two weeks earlier.

"The hardest part was we kept getting no from a lot of people, saying, 'Oh, it's too soon, and you can't do this,'" he said of the struggle to put on the Manchester event. "We didn't wanna be disrespectful, so we reached out to the families of the victims, and overwhelmingly, they were supportive. I take pride in the fact that we defeated this idea that people should be afraid to live their lives."

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Given Braun's influence in Hollywood, there has been some buzz that he may run for office. "I'm thinking about getting more involved with our leadership, and I'm thinking about what can I do to help as a citizen," he said in response to the rumors. "You know, what can I do with the platform I've been given to try and lead people to a place to remember the same people we're yelling at are the people we're claiming to help."

In December, Braun chatted exclusively with ET about his relationship with Bieber and West. 

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