Kaitlynn Carter Offers Breakup Tips Following Her Splits From Brody Jenner and Miley Cyrus

Kaitlynn Carter
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

'You just have to go through it.'

Kaitlynn Carter is giving her fans some relationship advice.

On Friday, the 31-year-old reality star did a Q&A on her Instagram Story, during which time she answered the question that she gets DM'd to her "the most by far": Breakup tips?

The question came after Carter split from both Brody Jenner in August and Miley Cyrus in September. While Carter acknowledged that "there's no way around" being sad after a breakup, she suggested that people do things including finding a creative outlet or listening to music and making sure to exercise and meditate following a split.

"I know everyone says this but obviously social media is not the full picture (or even close). I want to be honest about this because I really don't want anyone to think if they're really struggling [with] a breakup that there's something wrong with them. I was not OK or thriving AT ALL for a while," Carter admitted. "For me staying busy did help and at the end of the day, I still had to work/attend events so I had to keep it moving on social media but when I was alone I was very sad and in my head about all of it."


When it comes to post-breakup use of social media, Carter cautioned her fans from getting emotional online.

"RESIST posting emotional stuff (memes, quotes, pics etc etc) to social media. Even delete social media for a while if you can't resist," she suggested. "A publicist I was talking with recently commented on how people treat social media like a diary these days."

"You'll never regret NOT posting something to IG but there are definitely things to regret when you post to much lol," Carter continued. "We all do it but just call your friends/write in a journal and keep it to yourself. It's transparent and you'll be soooo happy you didn't do it later."


Carter added that having friends to "vent and run all my crazy thoughts by" was also helpful, before revealing that refraining from dating in the wake of a split was key for her.

"Some of my best friends find dating right away the best distraction so to each his own but for me I know that dating before I'm ready would've made things so much worse cause I would've just been trying to replace someone else and ended up disappointed," she explained. "I think it's sooooo key to take as much time as you can to get comfortable completely on your own so that when you do date someone new you're not dragging baggage into that relationship and also you aren't compromising on what you want out of loneliness/panic."

Another tip Carter offered up was "practicing understanding and compassion."

"It's easy to get lost in feelings of anger and frustration. I do think I have a unique ability to not really ever get angry at anyone and to let things go super quickly and easily but I think that's because I always reframe a situation to look at it in terms of what's causing someone to behave a certain way towards me and then feel empathy for them," she wrote. "It's hard to be angry when you empathize with someone. This has served me well in friendships and business too."

Above all, Carter told her followers not to "feel rushed to feel better. You WILL feel better. It just takes time."


During the Q&A, Carter also addressed whether or not she wishes things had worked out with Jenner, whom she was with for nearly six years.

"Honestly I'd say things DID work out with us," she wrote. "Not romantically, but we are better friends now than ever and if there's one thing I feel super proud of lately it's how we handled our split. So grateful for him and his unconditional support."


The former couple co-starred on The Hills: New Beginnings earlier this year. Last month, Jenner told ET that season two of the series will show "a lot of" their breakup.

"Of course, you have to stay tuned to see what goes on with that. But, you'll definitely see some of that," he added at the time.

In her Q&A though, Carter revealed that "filming for the TV show has been postponed a bit."


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