Kaley Cuoco Jokes She and Husband Karl Cook Are Only Living Together 'for the Quarantine' 

Kaley Cuoco Karl Cook
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Karl Cook better hope his "Karl Fashioned" is enough to keep him in wife Kaley Cuoco's good graces! 

During her appearance on Conan on Thursday night, the former Big Bang Theory star joked that she and Cook are only living together "for the quarantine." 

The pair finally moved in together in March, after four years together and nearly two years of marriage. "He's out [when it's over]," Cuoco cracked. "I don't want to [give] the wrong impression here. This is just for right now." 

In all seriousness, Cuoco said that she and Cook have been enjoying quarantine life together. 

"I've been living my life as if no one will ever see me again," she quipped. "Just the food and the hanging out. I'm not really doing my hair and makeup and... I'm just kind of living. Like, I feel like I'm never going back to work again."

Cook has been helping the actress live her best life with his skills behind the bar. "So, my favorite drink is an old fashioned, but Karl, he has created the 'Karl Fashioned,' which involves scotch. Get into my belly, scotch! It is so delightful," she praised. "And we've had a lot of those."

"I like him," Cuoco confessed of her husband. 

"[Waiting to move in together] worked great for us. Everyone has a million opinions about what we do, right? But they were very shocked we didn't live together. And, it's been great," she said. 

In addition to being a great bartender and equestrian, Cook has also impressed Cuoco with his farming skills. 

"He's an amazing farmer. He grows all of our food. This is a very interesting fact about my very strange adorable husband. He is an award-winning pumpkin grower," Cuoco revealed. 

"His first attempt ended up to be about 100 pounds," she continued. "These are the things that he does. He grows everything and it was funny, when this whole quarantine started, I was like, 'Oh my god, we have to get our produce,' and he was like, 'Babe, we're going to live off the land.' And I'm like, 'How long have you wanted to say that?'"

"Like, 'No, we're going to live off Erewhon [Market],'" Cuoco joked. 

See more on Cuoco in the video below. 


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