Kane Brown Reveals Khalid Proposed Their Collaboration on His Wedding Day (Exclusive)

The rising country music star also opened up about how he asked for wife Katelyn Jae's hand in marriage!

Kane Brown is sharing how his hit-making collaboration with Khalid for the remixed version of "Saturday Nights" came together, and it turns out it all began on a very special day!

ET’s Sophie Schillaci caught up with the rising country star during rehearsals for the 2019 ACM Awards on Saturday where he shared the story of the collaboration’s inception.

"Khalid came to me actually on my wedding day. I was getting ready for my wedding, and he asked me if I wanted to get on a song with him, so I got two surprises in one day," Brown explained, perhaps joking about his wife Katelyn Jae saying, "I do."

He also opened up about when he decided to ask for his now-wife’s hand in marriage, which involved a horror film, a pastel-laden holiday and big surprise!

"I feel like my proposal's the best," he said when asked about the most romantic thing he’s done for Jae. "I asked her to marry me during Amityville Horror. The movie was playing."

He later explained that the movie doesn’t have a special significance; it was simply what was playing when his tour bus pulled up at her family’s home — where he surprised her!

"I sent her home for Easter. She’s from Pennsylvania and her family – she never gets to see her family, and she wanted to spend Easter with her family," he shared. "I had shows, so I sent her to Pennsylvania. She was upset that I wasn’t with her, and I pulled my tour bus up to her house and I proposed to her once I got there. So then I got to spend Easter with her as well."

The pair were married in October in an intimate ceremony in Nashville. While chatting with ET about married life, the 25-year-old singer admitted that, for the most part, nothing has changed for him since exchanging vows.

"I don’t know. Honestly, the [marriage license] don’t mean anything to me," he stated. "She does. She’s my best friend and honestly I don’t even need the paper. We’d be together for the rest of our lives." 

Besides performing with Khalid at Sunday’s awards show, Brown is also up for Single Record of the Year for his track, "Heaven."