Kanye West Clarifies 13th Amendment Comments, Talks Being a 'God' in Strange New Interview

Kanye West
Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

West returned to 'TMZ Live' on Monday talking politics, Africa and delaying his new record.

Kanye West got candid about heading to Africa, explained his controversial comments about the 13th Amendment and declared himself “God” in another sit-down with TMZ Live on Monday.

Here’s what else we learned from the latest chat.

He doesn’t want to abolish the 13th Amendment

West made headlines on Sunday morning when he posted a tweet indicating that he would support abolishing the 13th Amendment (which abolished slavery). The comment was met with disgust by celebrities including Chris Evans, who declared he found such statements “retrogressive, unprecedented and absolutely terrifying.”

Asked by TMZ head Harvey Levin to clarify his comments, West stated that he should have used the word “amend” rather than “abolish.” “Abolish was the wrong language," he said. "I misspoke by saying ‘abolish.’ 'Amend' is the right language. And what’s beautiful about our Constitution is that we can amend it, right?”

His album is dropping on Black Friday -- after a trip to Africa

West’s ninth studio album, Yandhi, was supposed to drop on Saturday, but fans were left waiting and wondering. “I didn’t finish it,” he explained. “The album is so good I’ve started incorporating sounds that you haven’t heard before and pushing and having concepts that people don’t talk about. We have concepts talking about body shaming and women being talked down upon for how many people they slept with.”

West continued that he is heading to Africa in two weeks to continue working on the record somewhere that he can feel inspired in a similar way to how he “felt the roots” while in Chicago. “We have to go to what is known as Africa,” he said. “I just need to go and find out what it’s really called and grab the soil and cook 5 meals a day so the metabolism stays up and have my kids in the studio and have my mic in the open, so you can hear nature while we’re recording. We’re going to bring out the album on what is known as Black Friday on Nov. 23, and I’m just so happy about what is happening.”

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, also confirmed the news on Twitter, assuring fans the delayed record will be “worth the wait.”

He’s calling for President Donald Trump to meet with Colin Kaepernick

Referring to his phone as he did throughout the sit-down, West shared that he has reached out to football star Colin Kaepernick in the hopes of bringing him together with President Donald Trump so the two can work out their issues. Trump previously called for the likes of Kaepernick and others who don’t stand up for the national anthem to be fired, referring to the players in question as “sons of bi***es.”

“I been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so I can bring Colin to the White House and we can remove that ‘sons of bi***es' statement and be on the same page,” West said.

He’s off medication, being “himself” and is a god

“Those five albums that I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation,” West said. “Now the alien, Ye, is fully back in mode, off of medication, working out, breathing as much fresh air as possible, thinking, doing, being himself. When I say I’m being myself, that doesn’t mean I’m being Donald Trump, it means I’m being me and I’m punk and I can wear whatever I want ‘cause I’m a god.”

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