Kanye West Says He's 'Drug Free,' Feeling 'Stronger Than Ever' as He Prepares for 2019

The 'Flashing Lights' rapper is thankful for the blessings he's received this year.

Kanye West is feeling ready to tackle 2019. 

The "Flashing Lights" rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to reflect on his "beautiful" past year. "I got to be myself and nobody had to 'let me,'" he wrote in a series of tweets. "I'm drug free and my spirit is connected. No weapon formed against us shall prosper."

West, who has been open about his bipolar disorder diagnosis, continued, tweeting that he feels "stronger than ever." "We are stronger than ever," he said, presumably referring to his marriage to wife Kim Kardashian West, with whom he shares three kids. 

"We feel soooo much love. So much good energy. So much good will," he added. 

West promised "new designs, new music, new ideas, renewed spirit," in the coming year. "2019 we’re already so thankful for the blessings in order," he said, adding "everything happens for a reason." "We appreciate all the real ones who made it through 2018 with us... Thank goodness for all of our fans and supporters... even the haters... haters are fans too." 

West candidly discussed his bipolar disorder during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in August, explaining that, for him, the mental illness "drives more of how you really feel." 

"So I think it's important for us to have... open conversations about mental health. Especially with me being black, because we never had therapists in the black community. We never approached taking medication," he said, noting that his headline-making appearance on TMZ in May showcased his "ramped up state." "And that's when you get these comments that just shoot out. Almost like Tourette's."

"There are some cases of bipolar where people go low, I'm one that goes high. Like Michelle Obama said, 'Go high,'" West continued. "[I don't have extreme periods of depression] because I just say it. I'll say it on real TV. Like, 'Oh, I thought about killing myself.' And then the thought is gone."

"[People] need to be able to express themselves without fear of judgement," he suggested. "What I love telling people is, like... I don't know anyone who f*cked up as much as I have, but is still as successful."

See more in the video below. 


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